Miss. Joie's

Blog has gotten a complete overhaul. I figured that if I was going to spend all that time hooking up my main site I had to throw the newer blogs/sites a crumb. So I redid 2 Bored Girls.com first because Vivian LOVES her green. Then I finally changed the layout on Miss. Joie.com because I LOVE my girlie pinks but have seen to many adult themed sites with pinks and pastels. Since Miss. Joie is supposed to be all me I'm telling myself that it is okay to hook myself up with a totally girlie blog :)

I might even hook this one up eventually but I think I am going to take an official vacation and hide out in Atlanta for a few days and maybe visit with some of my favorite tattoo artists and DJ's to get some cool free promo stuff so I can do the goofy night on the town photos people have been suggesting :)

Happy New Year!!

I decided to take a second and wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

This year has already started out great (for me at least). I've been lucky enough to reestablish some friendships with some local friends I hadn't made much for these last few months. I hate to be cliche but right now I'm feeling as though I will be starting this great new year knowing exactly who my true friends/fans are and which 'friends' are in the user/abuser category.

Also this year in addition to continuing to be a steady supporter of, and model for, Deadbabes.us I will be featured on a few more alt sites. First up is Salvation Group as I have now joined the hallowed ranks of the SS so visit the site and support your favorite Fille de Joie by selecting my gallery in the "F" section.

Last but NEVER least one of my favorite authors George R.R. Martin has just updated his site to include a NEW sample chapter for his upcoming book A Dance With Dragons so I am a happy Godiva loving girl.


New! New! New!

Yes I have been under a rock lately because I have been hard at work on some new projects!

For starters my site Fille-de-Joie.com has undergone a MAJOR face lift. There is now a Flash site for those of you with fast internet connections and a traditional HTML site for those of you who don't have a fast connection or who hate Flash with a passion. Plus the Blog has an entirely new look because why would I change everything else and leave that part untouched?

I do have to update my photo gallery for the HTML site but the Flash side has some of my latest work including some dark art provided by some amazingly talented graphic designers/artists. I am going to try my hardest to keep up with updating the gallery but I have about ten other irons in the fire so don't get snippy if things take awhile. Just enjoy the new look and PLEASE contact me if you want to do link/banner exchanges ESPECIALLY if you own/run a fetish, bdsm, or niche site.

P.S. I also have a new layout on MySpace so check it out and don't forget to add me :)

Good Grief

Today is my official update day!

I was able to run over to my online ports at OMP and Model Mayhem to update some photos. Of course one photographer I was recently able to work with isn't on Model Mayhem so I couldn't just enter the number to give her the credits. Gaw. But I'm trying and she's fantastic about everything so woo hoo.

I'm also updating my other pretty personal blog Miss. Joie with a good, random, personal, rant because who hasn't had enough of me yet? Also need to check up on 2 Bored Girls because Vivian told me we have a lot of comments in moderation and she has been just as busy as I have so we're both behind when it comes to checking up on that.

Plus I have got to work on the new design for my site a little bit more and plot my trip to Mexico with the Master of the Deadbabes Universe :p

Seriously though I promise I'll get all these fun updates taken care of soon and you will all be able to see my latest photos and other good Joie stuff.

Deadbabes.us Has a NEW LOOK!!!

If you haven't checked it out recently Deadbabes.us has a NEW look that is unbelievably hot, sleek, and just fantastic. Check it out, bookmark it, and watch out for new Deadbabes and new sets. I myself will be having a new photo set available ONLY on Deadbabes.us so remember to keep an eye out for me and the other hotties.

Speaking of new photos there are a couple of teaser photos up on my deviantART gallery that are outtakes from another set so check them out :)

New Site!

This is gonna be short and sweet because I am uber busy in the blogging world :) There is a new site in the Joieverse called Miss. Joie.com which is a place for me to feature my more G-rated interests and personal things. I figured I would get that place rolling for those of you who can't look at anything that isn't adult friendly at work or who just want to know about the 'real' me.

CMK Graphics & More!

These past couple of weeks I have been extremely fortunate enough to meet two amazingly talented artists and I wanted to let the world know about them both!

First of all CMK Graphics is the new God in the Joie Universe. Not only did he create this amazing graphic for me but he is also working on some other truly impressive designs that you will start seeing soon. In the next few months his work will be appearing on a few well known alt industry sites and with any luck this man will be a member of the VivianViva.com staff soon :) So start watching his work on deviantART or you can always Add Him On MySpace to stalk him properly.

The next artist I have to brag about is Micah Farrington who is a very talented musician. His music is primarily Alternative/Rock and it really caught my attention. To hear his music and purchase his singles visit Micah today on MySpace and don't forget to add him. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on his latest appearances and shows so that we can stalk him properly as well.

Last but never least is an awesome site I stumbled upon quite recently that is perfect for all of you tattoo enthusiasts called Please Tattoo Me. This is a social networking site that not only connects you to others who love ink but also gives you the opportunity to earn money that you can put towards your next piece of body art. So check out my profile on Please Tattoo Me and create a profile so that you can start having fun and earning money.

Deadbabes Stuff & New Email Addy

I made a couple of new banners for Deadbabes.us which you can check out if you are 18 or older ;p. It took me forever because I am more than a little behind with everything right now work wise and I have TONS more ideas and models I want to focus on even though I originally planned to design banners focused on the site only rather than the individual models. But the girls are so HOT!!

While I was making the banners I decided to take a couple of photos sort of teasing that I was working.. In theory.. So check them out and enjoy :)

Also I have a new email address that I'm making my primary.


Of course I can still be reached at my old ones but just thought I would give everyone a heads up :)

Vivian Viva & GOM News

The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy.

First up Vivian Viva.com is coming along wonderfully. The designer gave us a sneak peak of the layout and it looks great. Lots of green (Vivian's favorite color) and very user friendly (what I love) so we should be setting an official launch date soon. I'm extremely proud of/excited about this business venture. I love being involved in projects like this and am happy to be Co-Owner/Founder of this site since I'm working with some amazing writers, models, and designers.

While I'm on the subject of Miss. Viva the site's Official MySpace page is live now Vivian Viva MySpace Page. I designed it all by myself so let me know what you think of it. If your interested in applying for either a modeling or writing position check out the MySpace page for you details. If you have questions on how I did it send me a message and I'll try to explain :).

If you've been to my website lately you've noticed the gallery is down but I promise that it will be back up soon. In the meantime you can check out my photos on Deviant Art and on MySpace.

Girlz of Modified has launched its own new MySpace look <a href="http://www.myspace.com/girlzofmodified>Check it Out</a> and has a commercial in rotation here in the Atlanta Metro Area so I'm going to be a busy girl for a bit. If you are a band, artist, or tattoo shop owner in the Atlanta area contact me for more information on the services the Girlz of Modified promotional team currently offers.